What Makes Amity Care Different?

Amity Care Hospice
‘promoting peace in the midst of transition’

Our Mission

Our mission is to respect the inherent value of patients and families dealing with a life limiting illness; to provide excellent care that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit; to honor their choices; and to promote peace in the midst of transition.

Our Commitment

Because we understand how challenging it is to faceĀ a serious illness and to be the caregiver who has a life-limiting illness, we are committed to:

    • promoting peace in the midst of transition for our patients and their families
    • offering hope in the midst of doubt
    • providing comfort in the midst of pain.


What makes Amity Care Hospice Different?

Amity Care Hospice:

Low Overhead allows us to reinvest in our programs and our Complementary Services

Being family owned and operated means there is no out of state corporate red tape

is CHAP Accredited

Amity Care Hospice offers:

Continuous (round the clock) Care ~ in time of medical or medication crisis

A Medical Director who makes house calls

Case Management based on patient acuity levels not on geography or patient location

Complementary / Alternative Therapies:

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Guided Imagery / Meditation

Sound Therapy